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2012/01/07 19:58:59
I am 41, and I was 130 pounds until I turned 32, since then I just gained and gained.  I was depressed for much of that time, and even though I cooked and ate mostly healthy, lack of exercise due to not being sporty still left me with a lot of weight gain.  I now weigh 190 pounds and want to lose 30 pounds plus get muscle tone.  I want a leaner, slim look if possible.  I joined today and looking for someone who will help me through advice and chat/accountability.  This is especially important since I don't have anyone around to assist me with this.  I also don't want to have health issues like high cholesterol.  I look forward to your responses.
Re:Want to lose weight 2012/01/08 18:31:22
When you are new to exercise, start slow and work your way up into more intensity.  Many people that try to go all out right away will get injured or stop because they find it too hard.  Start with some body weight exercises and walking and see how it goes.
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Re:Want to lose weight 2012/01/08 19:51:06
What is body weight exercise?
Re:Want to lose weight 2012/01/11 12:37:42
Exercises that require no equipment.  Push-ups, squats, burpees, lunges and that sort of thing.
or try typing bodyweight exercises into youtube.
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Re:Want to lose weight 2012/01/13 10:35:37
Hey dear,
For losing the weight you should do two things.
1. Do exercises daily.
2. Take diet foods.
30 to 40 minutes exercises daily is enough for losing the weight, the more preferable exercises for the weight loss are running, swimming, and jogging.
You should focus on raw fruits and vegetables and avoid the more cholesterol and fatty foods.
Green tea can play an important role in your weight loss.
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Re:Want to lose weight 2012/01/28 06:48:47
Hello Friends,
 This is Stevan Smith... I'm newbie here.... I have got very helpful information about Weight loss Tips..... Great discussion forum. Thanks very much!
Re:Want to lose weight 2012/02/09 09:12:31
I hope by "diet foods" you mean healthy foods, because so called "diet foods" are the worst thing you can put in your body.  The are filled with chemicals that are better suited for stripping paint than stripping fat.
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Re:Want to lose weight 2012/02/14 13:18:30
My recommendations:
1. Exercise daily with some intensity (be out of breath)
2. Eat 6 meals a day: First 3 meals -- Protein/Starchy Carb/Veggies, Last 3 meals -- Just drop the starchy carb.
Keep this up consistently and watch the fat drop off. It is all about the nutrition and training as hard as you are capable.
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Type of Exercise 2012/02/15 22:34:53
JOGGING: A simple exercise that yields amazing benefits for your overall health.• WEIGHT LIFTING: Weight training improves your appearance and helps you tone your muscles while increasing your energy at the same time.• : Yoga provides fitness to the body, and peace to the mind and spirit. Daily exercise of yoga is a great way to help relieve you of all the stress  and  also to bring a sense of well –being to your life.• STRETCHING: You feel a lot better when you are done with stretching. Just one reminder: Don’t forget to drink plenty of water as well, since you lost quite a bit during your workout time.• BODY COMBAT: It improves your heart rate and working of the lungs. There are lots of kicking and punching moves, which requires a fairly good level of fitness.

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Re:Type of Exercise 2012/02/22 11:16:55
Try to do exercises that don't require any weight lifting right now. You can do latter exercises. If not sure what that is try youtubeing it. It is intense and will get your legs moving in all types of different exercises. The elypictal would be a good start as well, that is like combing biking and running all together, and would be easier on your knees starting out. Of course intense pushups and situps are going to be a good one as well. Set up two ends 20 yards apart and do different things such as high knees, but kicks, frog hops, one legged jumps etc.
I hope this helped, good luck
Re:Type of Exercise 2012/03/03 08:11:42
I disagree with the suggestions to avoid weight training. I strongly believe weight training is ideal for everyone with the exception of children. Body weight exercises are fine too, but they should be used in addition to weight training.
The advice to start slow is a good one, but the keyword is "start". You should be progressing every week (or better every time you train). You should keep a journal of everything you do - how much you lifted for, how many reps, how long you went on the treadmill and at what intensity and every session try to do a little bit more. That could mean a little more weight, another rep or two, a little more on the treadmill etc.
Re:Type of Exercise 2012/03/20 07:00:49
If you cannot jog for very long, you can start by jogging and when you can no longer jog, keep walking.  Your heart rate will be raised by the jog and the walk will maintain it.
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Re:Want to lose weight 2012/10/05 06:39:34
Then you have to join gym. This helps you in reducing weight as well as making muscles. So, join gym and achieve your dreams...
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Re:Want to lose weight 2013/02/14 07:54:38
There is very easy to lose weight. You should take low fat containing food. And also take one or two cups of green tea. Because it is also helps you to lose your weight. You can also take some exercise.  I hope you feel the difference.

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Re:Want to lose weight 2013/03/13 04:48:34
I am also confident that eating healthy and with minimum exercises should help ou reduce the body fat. But you should stick with this and not stopping after couple of days as you will not see an immediate followup. 
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Re:Want to lose weight 2013/03/24 22:16:22
At it's most basic, losing weight is about burning more calories than you eat. That seems simple enough, but if were really that simple, none of us would have a weight problem. Too often we take drastic measures to see results -- diets, pills or those weird fitness gadgets on infomercials that promise instant success. Maybe you lose weight but what happens when you go off that diet or stop that crazy workout program? You gain it all back and more. The real secret to weight loss is to make small, lasting changes. A quality workout with improve diet plan is best.
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Re:Want to lose weight 2013/07/30 23:18:57
If you really want to lose your weight ,its depend upon your diet plan eat healthy and avoid from fatty foods.Morning walk , running and also join a fitness club for a quality workout with improve diet plan is best.Green tea also help to you in losing your weight and extra body fat.

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Re:Want to lose weight 2013/10/03 07:06:35
I have read your post and almost agree with all of you. I think that you should take a lot of care about your diet and also try to drink more water. Make sure that you take low fat and carbs in your diet.

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