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2008/06/03 13:58:20 (permalink)

Need help with diet

Hey Old Navy! I just recently read a thread about dieting, and I thought you could help me form my own.

I'm moderately active (tennis, basketball), 5"8, ~125 pounds, and a hard gainer :D
I tried to design a diet for myself, but I found it extremely difficult to create, and even more difficult to eat, haha. My bro is funding it, so it'll be clean (even though I don't necessarily need to eat so clean).

The only supplement I really have is whey protein, and I really only want to use a scoop and a half post workout. Could you please help me create my diet?

My bro suggested I do 3 HUGE meals, with some other smaller snacks and mini meals in-between, and it sounded like a great idea.

I'm wanting to try to keep this diet within 70$ per week, hopefully less, and if it's not asking too much, could you state how many calories it is, the carb, protein, and fat content in it? I'm also looking for something that wouldn't be too hard to cook.

My last diet consisted of 6 meals, but that was insanely hard to eat because of a small stomach capacity. If you created a large diet (which, since I'm bulking, it probably is), do you have any tips to eat it so I'm less full?

Possible conflicts are large amounts of milk. I've noticed with a ton of milk at once, I have a problem digesting it.

Thanks for the LONG read, and thanks for your help in advance! I appreciate it!

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