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Nano Vapor + Cell-Tech Stack


Ok so ive recently (1 month ago tomorrow) joined Anytime Fitness and Ive been going religiously around 5-6 times a week with some buddies... Im 19 years old and im most definitely considered a skinny type... Im 6'3" and weigh 160lbs... (when i started working out i was 153lbs)... Since ive hit the 1month mark, i decided to do some research on different pre and post workout supplements... Originally i was fixed on getting N.O. Xplode + Cell-Mass stack by BSN, but the price completely made me loose interest... I stumbled across Nano Vapor and Cell-Tech (made by MuscleTech) at my local GNC store... I did more research and found people liked this new stack rather then the BSN stack and was given a great review by almost all users on the net... So i went out before my workout and bought the MuscleTech stack of NanoVapor and Cell-Tech... In the parking lot i made my first Pre-Workout shake, and drank it on my way to the gym... As soon as i hit the gym, i focused on biceps, triceps, lats, and chest (as some of the bicep machines work out chest as well)... instantly i felt like a super hero... I was effortlessly lifting the same weights as normal, but with a significant gain in times i could do it per set... The muscle pump was also EXTREMELY visable.. My muscles looked bigger and felt harder... A few of my buddies noticed it about 20mins into our workout as i was doing curls with dead weights (i have not told them im taking creatine or pre-workout supplements, as i want to see if they can notice a size difference in me after a few weeks)... I then took Cell-Tech and a big glass of water after that as soon as i got home from the gym, and another right now (7hours later)... I cant wait to see progress in the next couple of weeks

I will be updating this post every 2-3 days with the effects that this stack has done to me... Some might find it helpful as they will read direct facts, and none of this advertisement BS they feed you... I will be on this stack for 8 weeks and then i will start my 1month off cycle... I will tell you what this stack has done for me over that 8 weeks, as well telling you all what happens when i start my 1month off cycle... I will only tell you the effects i feel, i will not feed you all BS...

If you have any questions for me about my progress, or anything about all of this, please post and i will respond as soon as my schedule allows me to come on here...

I hope all of you will enjoy hearing about my upcoming experiences with this new stack (first stack ive been on).. Hopefully its a helpful review to all future buyers of this stack!!


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