LockedMethadrostenol for my Father?

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2006/12/28 15:18:13 (permalink)

Methadrostenol for my Father?

My dad is almost 50 years old, and I guess he wants a test boost to help his gains in the gym.  He bought that D-bol stuff off of the legalsteriods site.  My question is, is this stuff a PH?  What kind of PCT would he need for something like this if it is a PH? 

Thanks guys

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    RE: Methadrostenol for my Father? 2006/12/28 15:28:34 (permalink)
    Dianabol is a steroid. The legalsteroids sites that sell steroid alternatives and change the name from dianabol to d-bol or winstrol - winny Is just a way of getting you all hyped up to buy fake steroids.

    As a matter of fact that is just a fake dianabol and its not even a PH the company is a total fraud, Basically you got ripped off.

    Why the heck does your 50 year old father want to mess with pro hormones or steroids anyways.. My father is almost 55 years old and in only 2 months he is as strong as most of the teenagers on this forum. That is hard work and dedication, sorry but there are no miracle drugs.

    Further more only experienced weight lifters take steroids or pro hormones. I have seen skinny kids take actual steroids gain 10 lbs and then get skinny again right after they were done using it.

    If you want to mess with pro hormones go right over to GNC and get some Superdrol Im not sure if i would want my 50 year old father taking it though since it stress's your liver. Probably not a good idea for an older person.

    Research IGF and HGH if he wants to take anything but first get the training down at least with HGH and IGF they are not sure yet if it causes cancer but with pro hormones and steroids taken by older people they are damn sure it will stress the liver, it doesnt matter what age you are actually all oral pro hormones and steroids stress the liver.
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    RE: Methadrostenol for my Father? 2006/12/28 16:17:08 (permalink)
    Superdrol has been banned since like 2004. Good luck finding it at a gnc.
    I would tell your father to get something with arachidonic acid like x-factor or haladrol liquigels and see what gains he gets from those. I think it would be enough, but I hear a lot of good things about the two and they don't require a pct but you still have to be careful like with everything. I haven't tried them myself though.
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    RE: Methadrostenol for my Father? 2006/12/30 21:10:16 (permalink)
    Superdrol has been banned, but they do make clones of it, as well as halodrol. Gnc isnt a place to but them, you have to look at fast action s-drol or h-drol. Actually dont buy anything at GNC! Its overpriced and you can get the same stuff at vitamin world or the internet for cheaper!!!
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