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2005/07/26 21:41:32 (permalink)

NDS Explosive Stack

I posted this on the Beginners Forum, thought I would post it here as well. I'm looking for input on this, I just recently started taking NDS Explosive Stack, as well as recently started lifting heavy. I've only taken basic creatine in the past so I don't really have anything to base it off of, other than the high price ($250 month supply), the assumption is it has to work.

NDS Explosive Stack comes with "N" Test, Nitro 2, and Nocturnal. I also bought Amplify, another NDS product, to increase protein intake. I definitely feel the difference during my workout when I take the supplements as opposed to when I don't.

The Nocturnal is a real trip though, it's suppose to maximize muscle recovery/ gain so that you can work the same muscle group more without as much rest. The weird thing is you get this flushed sensation, like little pins poking the muscles of your body you worked out that day, your heart rate increases a bit, and you have shortness of breath. The feeling lasts for about 5-10 minutes then goes away. If my friend hadn't of warned me about it I would have definitely flipped out when I first took it. The bottle even says you will experience these effects after taking it.

So far the "N" Test and Nitro2 have done good for me, but as I said earlier, I don't really have anything to base it off of. "N" Test does say on the bottle that it has a side effect of aggressiveness and irritability which I haven't really felt. I haven't seen any reviews on NDS Explosive Stack and was really hoping someone had some input on this, since it does concern me that for as expensive as it is, it's hardly ever mentioned.
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    RE: NDS Explosive Stack 2007/03/23 21:50:38 (permalink)
    Dude! i took that stack and it was ****ing awesome!!!....if you know how to use it. The Nocturnal is the best weapon. you know it raises your test. levels at a good %. thats only is you get at least 8 hours of sleep.but i loved the rush it gave me :) the "N" Test gave me the endurance and some nice gains in strength.about 15lbs...bench went up to 255. not bad for being 18 and started at 170, 6 months ago. but what i really liked about it, was that it did give me the aggressiveness. it was awesome though, it made me pumped and always ready. the NITRO CM also gave me gains in muscle mass, strength, endurance, and vascularity. all in all i really like that stack, now they put more in the nocturnal so it's a 130g instead of 100g.(5 scoops!!) I don't know where you got your stack but mine was $160. anyone looking to cut up or gain a few pounds or rock muscle then get this ****.
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    RE: NDS Explosive Stack 2007/03/24 05:41:18 (permalink)
       I've taken the nitrocm and the nocturnal. THe nitro was arlgith but I loved the nocturnal. I felt alll tingly and tired and always passed out right when I hit the mattress.

    I never took teh N test but hear good things.

       I think the CR5(creatine) and nocturnal are their best products though. they also make s tack like the NO explode and cell mass: pump fuel and post fuel, but I havent tried them as I dont like caffeinated things.

    Just curious but where did you get this stuff noone carries it where I live except the store I work at.

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    RE: NDS Explosive Stack 2007/07/01 11:04:52 (permalink)
    This is solely subjective and is from my experience.

    I am a very lean person, about 6-8% body-fat. (20 yrs, 6'0", 155lbs., goal=160. recently an endurance athlete convert to weights.) I cycled for my college team and road alot the last 2 years. I have lifted on an off for 2 years, but 7 months strong.

    i bought the stack, but switched the nocturnal out for the Cr5. I am about to finish a month cycle. It is the first time that i invested that much in supplements. I paid $180. Besides protein shakes and eating like a horse, i took creatine once prior but not properly and inconsistantly. I bought it as extra motivation to spend more time in the gym, and it worked. I feel pumped and i have noticed about 10-15 lb. increase on my bench, squat, deadlift and my other core exercises. I am pushing out more reps than i could perform before. There is also a sense of greater concentration when it comes down to performing weights that i have never touched.

    Contrary to regular creatine, which is known to simply "blow" you up with water weight and leave a bloated look, I dont want that, i want to look cut and slim. It is a known fact that individual response to creatine varies from person to person. Some people will respond better than others. I think i am in between the two. I have never got the bloated look but rather i developed a muscular, tone look.

    I vary my sets and reps from week to week in order to keep my muscle guessing. Try this for an extra charge in the weight room, follow these steps: I perform this before almost every gym session. I stretch by entire body, concentration on my lower half. Then i warm up with some basketball for about 5-10 minutes. I then throw in some lunges from baseline to baseline, then wighted jump-rope for 1min intervals. Some days I will throw in a set of 10 jump-ups to a 2 foot box. I do these until 3 sets of each have been done. It takes about 20-30 minutes. It allows me to get my entire body warmed up and ready to destroy my muscles with weights. Obviously due to the warm-up that i do, my time in the gym in limited to 30-45 minutes, which allows me adequate time to get done what must get done.

    I am a believer in stretching properly not just before but also after i tear my muscles to shreads. After training, it is then time to eat anything the i see. Eating should be the 1st priority to any individual who desires muscle/weight gain.

    This is a bunch of random information that i felt like sharing. Mainly because i have also been searching for testomonials on these products and have found very few. I am down with chatting on this topic in the future.....
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