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2005/07/25 15:22:54 (permalink)

San V-12 Turbo

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San V-12 Turbo

I have been fasinated by the pre-workout supplements so i thought i would give V-12 Turbo by San a try. The difference between this and superpump250 and No-Xplode is that this supplement doesnt use any carbs and V-12 Turbo requires more water when consuming.

With superpump250 and No-xplode you can use 3 scoops with 12oz of water. V-12 Turbo requires 16oz of water with one scoop. So by far this supplement is best for your $$. 50 servings per container. Also this supplement can be used as a post workout supplement as well. You can take 2 servings per day as long as they are about 8 hours apart. So if you only take one serving per day then this will last you almost 2 months. No-X and Superpump250 have less servings and probably wont last as long.

I bought the Grape flavor and it doesnt taste that bad. I still prefer the taste of NO-X. V-12 gave me a great pump and tons of energy for my workout. So if you are looking for a preworkout supplement and cash is tight, go for San V-12 Turbo. Even if you dont workout on a particular day, you still only need 1 serving.

My ranking with the pre-workout supps that i have tried so far (money not a concern)
1) NO-X
2) San V-12
3) Superpump250

My rankings based on longevity and price
1) San V-12
2) NO-X
3) Superpump250
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    Marc David
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    RE: San V-12 Turbo 2005/07/25 15:29:03 (permalink)
    I've always gone back to V-12 when I want a good creatine transport product.  I actually like the taste.  And it mixes quickly with water and I feel a pump as well as overall better lifts.

    Marc David – CPT
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    RE: San V-12 Turbo 2005/07/25 15:42:58 (permalink)
    I've been thinking about giving V-12 a go.  Right now I'm on my second container of NO-Xplode.  After that I'll probably try V-12. 
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    RE: San V-12 Turbo 2005/08/06 05:29:03 (permalink)
    v12 is not too bad.
    I am currently taking the fruit punch flavour.
    The fact that it does not contain any sugar is cool. I can fill a 16oz bottle and do one serving, then drink it till its halfway thru the bottle, and refill with water back to the full amount, and it still tastes great. Thats the specialty of using Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) as the sweetener. I counted that it can be taken in for three 16oz bottles and the taste will still be kinda sweet. (yeah...i had to gulp down that much to test it...)

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    RE: San V-12 Turbo 2005/08/27 05:10:51 (permalink)
    Hey M;
    I've never Superpump250 but, I have taken No-X along with Nitrix for about six months and found it was OK., and also tried different stacks w/NO-X and Nitrix.  After that I switched to VNS-Jacked and found that Jacked alone worked better for me. In fact, I eliminated Nitrix, and others like BSN-Betalin-7EC, IDS-NP2, Dymatize Meth-X, SAN V-12, ISS Satur8 and still had better intensity, stamina and pump w/Jacked.  
    I still take my vitamins, Protein Shakes, Omega oils and try to eat as clean as I can. My workouts have been enjoyable and I just feel great.
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    RE: San V-12 Turbo 2005/09/24 21:48:58 (permalink)
    I havent tried anything but V-12 so I cant compare it but this stuff works great for me. By the time it kicks in I feel like I could lift a house.  I am able to get my whole workout down to the 1hr mark cuz I dont have to take very long between sets. I lift more in less time and still feel strong when I go home. Killer stuff. I have the orange stuff now, it's like drinking cool-aid. On training days I take it before I workout and 8hrs later 30mins before a meal. On non-workout days I take it when I wakeup with my vits/oils 30mins before breakfast.

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    RE: San V-12 Turbo 2005/11/09 20:07:21 (permalink)
    can you take just V-12 or do you need to take other products with it?
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    RE: San V-12 Turbo 2005/11/14 17:18:38 (permalink)
    Would this be a good supp to use for bulking? I see it's got creatine but...yes, no?
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    RE: San V-12 Turbo 2007/07/02 11:07:52 (permalink)
    why cant 1 take san v12 as a pre and post workout drink?
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