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The truth about GNC

Every GNC employee is expected to hit certain sales goals each and every week called "key indicators". If your key indicators drop, than they can and will fire your butt. Think about all these insane goals, and how hard it would be to do this day in day out. GNC employees are under a ton of pressure that ties their hands, and makes it impossible for them to actually help you.

Here are the indicators(bare minimums)*I explain what they mean latter:

P3- 40%

GC- 15%

MV- 15%

OMS- 3%

UPT- 3

PM- 3%

Avg. Sale- $40

corporate keeps on making them higher a little bit at a time. If you do not hit these numbers you will be getting calls from corporate, asking you "What is wrong with you?". Personal attacks and scare tactics are common in the company. If you are doing well, the praise is far and few between. Top leaders do not get promoted or better pay, they just get corporate off their back.

"P3" stands for "premium products". They are the best in each category. For example, the vitapaks are all P3, Wheybolic Extreme, the entire beyond Raw line. Corporate says that the P3 program exists to ensure that customers get the absolute best. What they don't realize is employees end up forcing a not so great product, that is very expensive, when there are much better 3rd party alternatives. For example, compare Reforge in their beyond raw line, to iso-mass by Ultimate Nutrition. There is no reason anyone would buy reforge if they saw the iso-mass, but iso is usally hidden on some bottom shelf and the employee would never recommend it because it has no commission. Managers receive a 5% comission on all GNC made products. They also receive some commission on products GNC does not make, but only the ones corporate wants them to sale.

"GC"- or gold card memberships. They will hound you to get one. It will save you 20% the first week of every month. What they don't tell you is that they raise their prices the 1st~10th of every month, then lower them back down after gold card week is over. Don't believe me? Next time flip over a bunch of the sale price tags and you will see the dates, and different prices.

"MV"- or multi vitamins. They will always hound you to take a multi because they have to too keep corporate happy. Vitapaks are the most over priced, bull crap things in the store. It is much cheaper per serving to buy each pill in the vitapaks separately. They have all sorts of sales pitches worked out to get you into a vitapak because then you have to come back every month.

OMS- or one more sale, is the *** chewy samples that they are always trying to offer you. They are basically a starburst with a little vitamins or whatever in them. Unhealthy, and over priced! 1/3 the active ingredients, 1/2 the servings, at the same price. Never buy these, buy the pills and save a bundle.

UPT- "units per transaction". They will try to sale you more than one item to make their UPT's go up.

PM- Promotional money, or commission. Managers get a 5% kick back on only GNC made things. Some GNC products have a separate flat commission rate, i.e. you get $3 to sale this. And some of the 3rd party vendors have commissions. Muscletech, Dymatize, Cellucor, Gaspari, USP labs all give pretty solid commission rates. BSN(NO xplode), Ultimate Nutrition, Optimum Nutrition, Cytosport (muscle milk) do not and will not every pay commission which is why you never see an associate pushing those brands, even though they are arguably the best.

Average sale- the average amount someone is spending when they walk in the door. GNC employees hate it when someone buys just one drink because it destroys their numbers.. A sales person who hates a sale, just tells you how messed up the incentive programs are at GNC:.

Bottom line, don't listen to GNC employees". Read reviews, get educated on nutritional ingredients and make your own choices?. Then buy your stuff online, where it is ALWAYS cheaper than GNC

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    Re:The truth about GNC 2012/01/17 11:56:30 (permalink)
    Or just buy your "stuff" at the grocery store.
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    Ya I never shop at GNC they are overpriced and their employers are always trying to upgrade you. You are better off to shop online.
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