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2011/06/22 12:17:00 (permalink)

Rippetoe 3x5 workout

I am the absolute epitome of the skinny-fat ectomorph: VERY skinny legs, thin arms, belly and chest fat.. Yet in clothes I look like I am fit.. And I am very close to my target weight: 6 feet tall 175 lbs. After years of on and off weightlifting doing isolation exercises I decided to start the starting strength workout and I think it will be good for me.

This is what I have been doing:

Workout A
Squats 3x5
Bench press (dumbells) 3x5
Deadlifts 1x8
Dips 3x8

Workout B
Squats 3x5
Military press (barbell) 3x5
Power cleans 3x5
Barbell curls (instead of chin ups) 3x8

Week 1
Monday: workout A
Wednesday: workout B
Friday: workout A

Week 2
Monday: workout B
Wednesday: workout A
Friday: workout B

How should I increase my weight? I was thinking about increasing it 5 lbs the next day I do the exercise (like for the squat on Wednesday add 5 lbs to the weight I did on Monday)

I substituted dumbells instead of barbells for bench press because I dont have a spotter.

I also substituted barbell curls instead of chin ups because the gym I use doesn't have a chin up bar and even if it did I don't think I would be able to do it (I'm still too weak)

Given my body type would this routine with a good diet get me good gains and are these substitutions ok?

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    Re:Rippetoe 3x5 workout 2011/06/22 13:07:23 (permalink)
    Substitute the barbell curls for bent over rows or T-bar rows or lat pull downs, or regular rows with a machine.  Chin ups are a back exercise with extra work going to the bicep, the curl only works the bicep.

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    Re:Rippetoe 3x5 workout 2011/06/22 13:33:24 (permalink)
    you should use a barbell for your bench press, you dont need a spotter with this routine you should never go to failure

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