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2010/07/29 10:48:55 (permalink)


Catathrenia is a sleep disorder comparable to sleep apnea, except the opposite. Instead of not breathing in, a person with this disorder will actually hold their breath, releasing it very slowly several seconds later. The release often results in a moaning noice. People with this wake up without realizing it multiple times during the night. In fact, most people having this disorder do not realize they have it until they sleep near or with someone. It's onset is commonly in the teenage years. Most kids stop having "sleep-overs" as a child, so intimate partners, dorm roomates etc. may be the first to notice.
I have this. My college roomate told me I had "motor-cycle" noises early in the morning and that I held my breath. I joined a yahoo group dealing with this group and noticed most of the people with this disorder are either swimmers, weightlifters, or some other type of activity-participant in which breath holding techniques are utilized.
Has anyone else had anyone tell them they make wierd noises (aside from snoring and apnea) while they sleep?
If so,
- Do you feel fatigued during the day?
- When did you find out about it?
- Have you found anything that helps?
CPAP treatment (used for apnea sufferers) does not work form most catathrenia occurrences. Like 90% of us sleep face down and can't keep the machine on. There's really not much I've found to help, but oxygen saturation is about 10% lower during sleep, which results in daily fatigue.

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