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Tsatsouline, Pavel - The Naked Warrior - Review

Book review
The Naked Warrior book cover
The Naked Warrior has detailed step-by-step guides to mastering the one arm pushup and the pistol. Grease the groove and high tension techniques are two powerful tools that you will learn from reading The Naked Warrior. I have small collection of fitness books The Naked Warrior stands out with straight forward simplicity, it is by far one of the best books that I have read. Pavel has an "Evil Russian" tone and humor to his books that can be enjoyed a fair bit if you allow it.

My personal experience
I skipped a lot of the work-up and beginners stuff to the pistol and I have been building up to them in full ROM, as close as I can recall to how Pavel teaches it in The Naked Warrior. I initially needed to balance and "willingly" pull myself through a ROM my body refused to go trough, due to having very little strength just passed a quarter squat. I did not have the strength at or near the bottom of the pistol movement so I pulled on my bench barbell holder to to assist me through the full range of motion until I got the strength.
I'm still pudgy so my excess fat causes me to be a little off center gravity and I fall backwards near the bottom, I manage this by pulling the bench barbell holder a small amount to keep my balance and I complete the full range of motion without strength aid. The next step is to counter-balance with a weight plate around ten pounds. I found myself to have learned a higher level of balance in the movement just after the first day.
Counter-balancing myself with a slight pull, I have managed two pistols today, with each leg. I know I did not do it to the letter of The Naked Warrior but the descriptions Pavel provided was enough for me.

Grease the groove pushups!

As for grease the groove (GTG), I used the "Evil Russian's 'Drop and Give Me 100 Pushups' Program" from Beyond Bodybuilding. Beyond Bodybuilding is also by Pavel and a fine book but I have not read it completely, so I won't be reviewing it except for a comment or two. Beyond Bodybuilding is all about bodybuilding, lots of information and full of basic and advanced stuff that is a little beyond me.
Back to grease the groove!
Grease the grove is an almost routine-less system of doing limited amounts of high quality and good form, work, you never train to failure. You "practice" every day throughout the day for two weeks before switching back to strength training.

Somewhere around my Warcraft incident, my best effort set of pushups was 88, when I tested for the Evil Russian's program, I was at 80 for a max effort. I begun all or nearly all of my pushup sets at 12:00N sharp, since I have no job and am not currently in school, I
got the benefit of doing my sets on time, except for a few fumble ups. Below is the snipit from my training log.

"Monday: Test day 100% 1RM
(New max: 93) (2:00 only, had ~5 extra reps left)"

^^ That right there is what happens when you trust the party. ^^

I think I was not thinking when I was testing and I stopped at two minutes when I should have kept going. I am very pleased with the tension techniques I have learned from The Naked Warrior, as well as my new pushup max. I'm looking forward to my next two week GTG pushup cycle, after my two week GTG weight lifting cycle is over.

Recap: New ability "pistol", New Max effort Pushup set (93+), High tension techniques.

The Naked Warrior is an excellent guide to the one-arm pushup and pistol exercises. Its a must have book, don't settle for the E-book, get the paper back! I think High tension techniques are futher discussed and applied in Power to the People!, but don't quote me on that!
Make your mum read it, mine didn't, now the book is missing *tears*.

Big for nothing.

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