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Calorie and carb counting

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2004/07/21 07:03:51 (permalink)

Calorie and carb counting

As the title of post says I am counting calories and carbs cause I am on my cutting phase. Should I include teh calories from veggies in my daily food journal and the carbs? I usually eat the same veggies over and over and over again. Always Cauliflower, Broccoli, sometimes some salad with cucumber with red bell peppers and yellow squash.

Bench-305(5 partial reps)
Squat-450(4 reps)
deadlift-435(2-3 partials)
front squats- 225(6-8)
leg press-835(8reps)
at 19!
No Light f***in weights, if you complain just shut the f*** up and go home!!!! Fall 05 pledge class-SiGeP

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    RE: Calorie and carb counting 2004/07/21 07:05:54 (permalink)
    Most veggies aren't very high in calories but if your couting calories then why not?
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    RE: Calorie and carb counting 2004/07/22 12:43:08 (permalink)
    some ppl dont, but i say if it goes in the mouth, it goes in the log

    wow, that sounds sick
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